3 EASY Homemade DIY Sugar Scrubs!

Sugar may not be good for your inside, but it definitely does a wonderful job on the skin!

Why Use Homemade Sugar Scrubs?

Homemade sugar scrubs are a natural way to exfoliate and rid the skin of dryness and dullness. It prevents acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes. Another benefit is that it can smooth the toughest skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.

During the past few months, I have noticed that my skin is constantly breaking out and itching. After seeking out three different dermatologists and not getting any lasting results, I decided to explore some of the ingredients in my kitchen. Store-bought scrubs can be a bit over-priced and the ingredients listed are enough to make your head spin since most of them are hard to pronounce.

Not a fan of mystery ingredients, I don’t know about you- but if I can’t pronounce it, then I don’t buy it.

The Experiment

Like most of you reading this, I was a bit apprehensive to experiment some of these homemade scrubs. I used the prescribed lotions and pills, still nothing was working. In my desperate attempt to find a cure, I tried the Pumpkin Pie Sugar Spice body scrub one morning, and to my surprise- my skin felt really soft and the irritation stopped. However, it is recommended that “using an exfoliator twice a week will help slough off dead skin cells, allowing creams to penetrate. It also helps make skin appear smoother and less blotchy. ” [Source] .

I’ve searched the interwebs high and low to bring you 3 easy Homemade DIY Sugar Scrubs that will leave your skin glowing. Oh, and the results are sweet!


1.Homemade Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrubs



2. Cranberry Sugar Scrub


3. DIY Pumpkin Pie Sugar & Spice Body Scrub


Which one will you give a try? Have you ever tried a DIY sugar scrub before? Sound off in the comment box!

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