My Top Favorite Apps!

My fellow Floridians, how did you weather Hurricane Irma? I hope you and your family are doing well.

We made it out fine by the grace of God- aside from the temporary power outage and no AC.  I forgot how HOT Florida can get when the temperature outside matches the inside of your house!! Thank God I come from a funny family, so we sat around cracking jokes in the heat and ate for no reason at all- I must have gained about 10 pounds! Boredom will have you packing on the pounds in no time.

Who else has a serious love/hate relationship with their iPhone 6?  Despite how I feel about it at times, the reality is my phone really helps to keep this busy mom of two organized. From scheduling our family appointments to figuring out what I’ll be cooking for dinner. My phone is my go-to device. I am going to share with you some of my favorite ones!

  1. Simple Habit– it is “a daily vacation for your mind.”  If you are a busy person on the go or trying to find ways to deal with anxiety, then this app is for you. I use it when I wake up, sometimes throughout the day, and even before going to bed.  At work, I recommended it to one of my co-workers and she told me the other day that she uses it everyday. There are meditations for lunch break, traveling, walking, overthinking, and even sleeping. It is important for me to maintain mindfulness and gratitude and this app helps to reset my focus. I stick to the free ones, but if you would like unlimited access to over 1000 meditations, it will cost you about $11.99/month.2. Capital One Credit Wise– This app really helps me to keep track of my credit score. I started to really pay attention to my credit score about two years ago, before then I honestly just did not care like most people. So I got a credit card from Capital One to help boost up my score, so far it is up 63 points!!! My goal is to get it as high I can. At some point in your life, you have to start taking your credit seriously, why not start now?

3.   Relax Melodies– this is another great meditation app. It has more sound features (i.e music box, lounge, piano, rain, etc)  than mediations, however it is still another one of my favorites. I mainly use it to listen to the rain sound- this may sound weird- but I LOVE listening to the sound of the rain especially during bedtime. It calms me down. I know I’m not the only who likes the rain.

4.  Fiverr What is Fiverr? This is a global online marketplace that offers a wide variety of task and services for only $5! Yes $5.  They do have different packages (depending on what you want done) that can range from $5-$100. Recently, I used this app to create my first podcast cover, update my website’s bio, and check this site’s SEO. It helps to outsource the things you may not be able to do for a really good price. You would probably be paying a private freelancer a whole lot more. Fiverr is great for entrepreneurs or anyone who may not yet have a budget to get some of the important things done. I know some employers who have even hired virtual assistants on there.

5. YouMail– Some of you may have already heard of this app or you’re probably using it. YouMail basically replaces your cell phone’s voicemail. It gives you more features (i.e voicemail to text,  call block, and  even review your voicemail messages in an email).  I found out about YouMail from my husband. First of all, I think he has some of the most coolest apps and I’m always asking him where he gets them from. He’s techy by nature so finding cool techy stuff comes natural to him. On the other hand, me- not so much. I like this app because it organizes my voicemails by day and month. I also have  the option to save a recording if I wish to go back to it later on. The other day I saved a recording of my son & daughter rapping in the car. There is one recording of my son when he was 2 years old that I have also saved on there. So cute! I get a good laugh listening to them even years later.

6. Calendar– After saying a prayer in the mornings, before checking emails or social media, I scroll through my calendar to see how my day is lined up. I schedule EVERYTHING! From lunch breaks to even how long I will be on a phone call with a friend. Yes, my time is very important to me. And you should value your time as well. Get into the habit of scheduling your day, it really helps to keep my life in order.

7. The Weather Channel – This is how I was able to keep a close eye on Hurricane Irma. This is my go-to app for the latest updates on all things weather related no matter where I am in the country or overseas.  Before I check my local news, I check this app first.

8. GoodRx This app was mentioned to me by a manager at work.  Prior to that, I never heard of it. For those who of you who are interested in saving about 80% on your medication, this app will help you save BIG!!  Your welcome. Simply compare prices, show the pharmacist your coupon, and then get ready for massive savings on your medication.  This app has saved our family so much money on prescriptions that I even find myself mentioning it to strangers at the pharmacy checkout counter.

The basic day-to-day apps are Facebook, Instagram, My bank’s personal app, Snapchat, YouTube, & Podcasts.


Now that I’ve told you mine, what are some of your favorites?

Shout them out in the comment section below!









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