High Heels: How High Is Too High?

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There are some women would never dare be caught wearing flats or sneakers-except if they are making a trip to the gym-because they cannot tolerate anything less than 4 inches. Then there is actually a number of women who prefer 1-inch heels and flats. But a few of us wear them because we like feeling taller and in control and for others it gives us a little more confidence.


Whatever the reason, this begs the question, how high is too high? Everyone has different taste and preference, so it really depends on the person. My rule of thumb is if it hurts and your uncomfortable, then chances are it is too high. You know what they say….beauty is pain, but ladies in actuality it does not have to be.


According to a recent study, the height of your heels can have a lasting effect on your balance and muscles. The pain you feel not only affects your feet and ankles, but it can cause a chain reaction that shoots pain all the way to your spine. Ouch!! It goes on to say, prolong wearing of heels that hurt will over time cause the muscles in your feet to become weak, thus resulting in an unbalanced walk. And an unbalanced walk can lead to risk for more injuries in the hamstrings or upper legs.

Let me point this out, there are some seriously talented shoe designers out there with shoe creations that are out of this world! The runways love those kind of visionaries, but sometimes I wonder if they actually put some thought into the “walking” part……

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So although those sexy 5-inch stilettos might be calling your name, you may want to think twice about what the lasting effects will be as oppose to the temporary one. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of nice high heels, but I’m not going to break my ankles just to look cute in them!  In high school, I use to be that girl that did not even own a single pair of sneakers..can you believe that?  The only time you would catch me in sneakers back then were either for gym class or during track and field practice.


But the older I got, the more I started to realize that being comfortable is the way to go for me. So as my wardrobe began changing, so did my shoe game. I use to be the  gotta-wear-my-heels-all-day-or-I-don’t-feel-good- kinda girl, but not anymore! And after reading this study, I’m pretty sure I made the right decision. You will still catch me in some nice heels every now and then, but this time my feet will thank me for it.

After all, “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes will change your life “- Anonymous

Image source: Fashiontag.com & Pinterest: here & here


What about you? Do you find high heels to be irresistible? Or are you team flats or team sneakers? Let’s discuss!



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  1. The effect of heels on our health is so much that it has a lasting effect on our health. I am almost 6ft but I love heels but I have decided to cut down a bit on wearing them because of the increasing pains i was beginning to feel. Thanks for this post.


  2. I personally don’t wear heels above about 4 in. Not more than 3 in. for pumps and not more than 4 in. for wedges. It has some to do with comfort and also has a lot to do with the fact that I am a bit on the tall side.

  3. I’m already 5’5″ so I don’t need heels. At the store, I try them on for fun but in reality, I dig flipflops, cute sneakers, bare feet, or flats. Great article. You can see that some women’s feet look so strained in some shoes…

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