My Summer Vacation in Jamaica!





That is what I look forward to when on summer vacation in Jamaica. For this reason, I purposely placed my cell phone in our hotel’s room safe upon arrival for the entire 5 days of this trip. Most of you may find that hard to believe in our digital-obsessed world, however with a little will power-it is possible folks.  It’s amazing how my mind began to really dive into each moment. Being fully present and not wasting time on my phone made the experience A LOT more refreshing.

Eight years ago, my husband and I got stung by the traveling bug, and we’ve been on a mission to explore the world ever since.  It is because of him I like traveling, not only do we have fun, but we also understand the importance of giving each other some space. He does his thing for a few days and I do mine. Then at the end of the trip, we came together as a family for some more fun, it’s a win-win!

Just for a moment, I want you to picture a little immigrant girl growing up in 3 different countries by the age of 13 (Haiti, Bahamas, and the USA) and not fully understanding how big the world outside her window could be. My parents, especially my father was determined to give me a better life by all means necessary. He sacrificed his dreams in hopes of giving us (my siblings) a better future, so he worked day and night to save up enough money to move us to the USA.  When we sit around our dining room table to plan our family vacation,  I stand in awe of God’s grace and mercy towards us.  Giving me the liberty to experience the world in a whole new way.

Now, let’s get into the details of this amazing trip.  Going on vacation is not only important for us to press reset, but it is great for our kids to learn how to unwind and disconnect at an early age too. They did not have any iPad or iPod and they lived! On the airplane, I gave them each a coloring book and some crayons, told them to get creative.

(My baby girl(4) and darling son (9)

We flew on American Airlines (my first time using this Airline) and I liked it. Once we landed in Montego Bay, our private cab driver drove us to the hotel. Myself, the hubby, and kids were so excited to be back in one of our favorite country, Jamaica. We definitely did not know how to act!


By this time, I am a bit jet lag from the plane ride, but viewing the sandy white beaches and beautiful palm trees as we drive to our hotel makes me feel so happy to be alive. Our kids were so excited to be back, they could not wait to get to the hotel. After checking in, one of the first things our kids did was run to the pool. The added bonus is that my husband volunteered to record this trip and take pictures without me uttering a single word.

Just to be clear, he HATES taking pictures of me because he says I ask him to take one shot a million times. Umm…so guess who’s not trying to look like a hot mess in a photo? ME!


There are many hotels to choose from, we chose what was a bit familiar to us, since this was our 2nd trip to Jamaica. We stayed at the beautiful all-inclusive Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay. By far, one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. No one is paying me to say this, just my honest opinion. If you are traveling with small children or family, I recommend considering an all-inclusive resort. You will get to enjoy gourmet cuisine, unlimited access to the pool, bars, and daily entertainment. Customer service is excellent and they treated us like royalty. They even answered the phone with “how can we make it right” (insert Jamaican accent here). Did you read that…make it right!  I mean….., enough said.

(our view from the hotel room balcony)

(Feelin’ Irie)

Here is a still from one of the videos we recorded. Not sure why but whenever my husband video records me, I always think he’s taking a picture. He ends up laughing at me because I look so silly just gazing and smiling at the camera LOL.  The blue bracelet on my hand is given to you at check-in. It’s a pass to drink all the “Irie” drinks you want for your entire stay. That drink in my hand was good. Too bad I can’t remember what it’s called, let’s just say it was good.  The only time I drink cocktails is on vacation, the funny thing is I don’t even like alcoholic beverages. Weird? Maybe.


(Don’t mind me. Lol)


I pretty much wore the same four outfits every day just switched it up a little bit. This striped v-neck shirt dress from Shein was my favorite go-to piece. I paired it without jeans, and with jeans. My favorite Target Sunglasses were on repeat. When traveling I aim for comfortability and this did the job.

(Practicing my infamous jump pose)


(Mr. & Mrs. Lully)

My sister and her husband Ronnie (shown above) met up with us while on vacation and we had so much fun. One of the excursions we went on was Mystic Mountains where we did ziplining and the Bobsled Jamaica. Jay (hubby) and I vowed that we would do one thing we feared while on vacation and for me it was ziplining.  Surprisingly Jay and I were not afraid, the tour guys were hilarious and made us forget about being scared.  I laughed so hard at my sister and Ronnie the whole time because the look on their faces was priceless, especially Ronnie. They may or may not have been scared:) Wish I had a picture to show you, but we were too busy enjoying it.

The Bobsled was good too. It was a two-seater and my husband drove. If you ever find yourself in Jamaica be sure to check out Mystic Mountain. You’ll be glad you did!

The hotel food was delicious. Every day they had a theme, so one night it would be European, American, and Caribbean food the next. This picture was taken at the restaurant inside Mystic Mountains. The fries were not like American fries-saturated in oil and salt- instead, it was unsalted and tasty. You can’t go to Jamaica and not eat jerk chicken people, we were in the island where it originated. We also watched some Jamaican dancers get down after eating lunch, I joined them for a little dancing too. Jay thought he recorded it but turns out he never pressed the record button…bummer.  We went into the town for some sightseeing as well. I enjoy talking with the locals when in a new country, you can learn so much and it makes the trip much more memorable. Good times indeed!

(Jerk chicken, fries, and coleslaw. It tasted as good as it looked)



(Jay cracking me up as usual, can’t take us no where! Lol )


The food, the people, the country is now near and dear to my heart, the second time around was great and I can’t wait to see where we travel to next. What are your plans for the summer?

Thanks for reading!



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