Winter Look: Faux Fur Vest + Army Green Off- Shoulder Dress

Hey Loves!

Wishing you an abundance of joy this year! Let’s #OwnIt in 2018. Whose with me?

Own your power. Own your uniqueness. Own your failures. Own your strengths. Own your unapologetic pursuit of excellence.

Here is another outfit inspiration from my latest photo shoot.

It is just like the white one from my recent post but in a different color.

Decided to do something different with my shoes right at the last minute by adding these cute sparkling socks to the look. This dress comes with the option of wearing it off-shoulder, however, the cold weather denied me of that choice so I threw a faux fur vest over it.


There are some blogs that try to make everything look so perfect. Let me take the initiative to break that trend by saying these shoes hurt my feet soooo freakin’ bad!!

I took about 5 steps and my feet begged me to take them off. Yes, they are cute! Yes, they are from my favorite designer BCBG! But these are the types of shoes you wear to the party just so you can SIT down, cross your legs, and look cute while you wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

Right after this photo shoot, I immediately slipped on my flip-flops when I got in the car, made some hot chocolate when I got home and relaxed on my couch for about 15 minutes. Self-care matters folks!

Also, on this day I woke up with a terrible stomach cramp, but I had to put on my brave face for these fun shots.

A little pain never stopped the show.

Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Outfit Details:

Faux Fur || (old) Wetseal

Dress ||

Eyewear || Target

Shoes || BCBG

Socks || ASOS

Hair || Installed By Glam239Hair

P/C: Emily Parish

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